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Cheap Designer Purse - Key Places You Should Be Looking For Desi

Are you searching for a 100% authentic cheap designer purse? What would you do if I said you would never have to pay retail prices again for makes by Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors or Juicy Couture? What if I said that you could end up saving between 40 and 90% on your favorite designers? Sound too good to be true? It not!

If you are still buying at department stores or boutiques you should quit now! These retailers place very large mark ups on what they sell, even when they hold "sales" or offer "clearance discounts" these are not the great deals you would expect. You would be appalled if you ever found out how little it costs to produce one of these items. Additionally, with the way the economy is at present the last thing you want to do is pay the full price stated on the tag.

Why spend $500 on a leather Coach purse when you could get away with only spending $200 and use the rest of the money you've saved to purchase a second bag. This may not be the smartest thing to do at this moment, but wouldn't it be fun being able to show off two new handbags instead of just one! But let us put all joking aside, the aim here is to show you where you can save the most money on handbags by your favorite designer. Below we briefly look at 3 kinds of places that are popular with shoppers as they offer major discounts on real designer bags, including one in which my opinion is the best. So let us get started.

1) Offline Retailers Who Specialize in Discount ClothingOne place where you will find big discounts on designer purses and handbags is through discount clothing retailers such as T J Maxx and Ross. Sometimes you may be lucky and save around 50%. But just what are the chances of you finding the exact bag or brand that you want? If you do find what you are after what are the chances of them having it in the color you are after? I won't tell you just how many times I have searched these stores only to find that they didn't have the designers I was after in stock.

2) Manufacturer Outlets

Another option available to you is a manufacturers' outlet store. But as you may already be aware they don't offer the kinds of discounts that you would be hoping for. Also, you will find that they don't tend to have a great selection of styles to select from. Also consider you may not be in a position where one of these outlets is close to where you live.

3) (My Top Choice!)

This is by far the best way for you to save money on getting a cheap designer purse. There is every kind available that you can possibly think off and handbags are one of eBay's hottest selling categories. Usually you will find well over 150,000 types of bags up for auction at any given time. The bags will generally come in a variety of conditions from brand new, to slightly used (like new) to used. Below I have provided a general description for each of these.

 Brand New:

On average you can save between 40 and 65%, but sometimes quite a bit more. Not many people know it, but eBay really is a great place to buy brand new designer purses.


Slightly Used or Like New:

There are thousands of these handbags and purses on eBay which have only been used a few times and are still in mint condition. However, be aware that some may have some slight blemishes such as a pen mark on the bottom, but who would be looking there? You can usually find a lot of these types of designer bags for cheap, which will usually save you around 75%.



If you really want to get a super cheap designer purse then these are the ones to be considered. It is quite common to come across a bag worth $400 being sold for $50. As long as you aren't bothered that the edges may be a little worn or there is a tiny stain in the bottom corner then you really can get some great deals. Buying one of the used cheap designer purses on eBay can end up saving you upwards or over 90% on the original price.

I know some of you will be reluctant to purchase from eBay because of the stories others have told you about being scammed. But over the last couple years eBay has made major improvements to ensure their online shoppers safety and security. Nowadays eBay offers to those who pay for items via PayPal a "Buyer Protection Plan", which covers them up to the full purchase price of the item and the original costs for shipping. This means that the full cost plus any shipping costs will be refunded to you for any item you purchase which has not be delivered. Also anyone who is found to be selling replica items on eBay will be banned. So this is now just a couple of ways eBay is protecting its buyers from unscrupulous sellers.

So in conclusion, eBay is the best destination to find a cheap designer purse. You will find it quite easy to save hundreds of dollars on any kind of designer brand. However, if you are still a little wary of getting something that isn't authentic from eBay then it is important that you do some research beforehand. There are plenty of articles written regarding the best and smartest steps to ensure that your experience buying on eBay is much safer. Taking time doing a little eBay safety research is well worth the amount you could be saving on your next designer purse or handbag. Just think, in only a week's time you could be the lucky owner of a brand new L.A.M.B. bag originally worth $500, which you paid just $175 for!