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How to Avoid Fake UGG Boots

Whenever a product hits the market and subsequently becomes popular there will always be those that reproduce it. Sometime these reproductions are hard to tell from the original, but often the poor workmanship is obvious as soon as you see the products. With the success of UGG Australia, cheap fakes flooded the market and bogus companies were set up to scam innocent shoppers out of their money. Some sites provided footwear that was so bad it caused problems with posture, while others simply disappeared with the cash, never to be seen again.

So how do you spot a fake, and what can you do to protect yourself for dodgy sellers? In this article I cover the basics to help you avoid parting with your hard earned cash for anything other than authentic UGG boots.

Firstly, beware of UGG products on sites such as eBay. UGG does not allow authorised sellers to market products on auction sites so there's a good chance you'll end up with fakes. Even worse, these fraudsters are now charging nearer retail price to look more trustworthy.

Be wary of any site selling UGG products directly to you. Google does not pre-screen the results it lists so a number of results will be selling fake goods or will be sites simply stealing your money. Before you proceed with a purchase, the best way to ensure they are an authorised retailer is to visit UGG Australia's homepage and enter the website address. UGG will let you know whether they are authorised to sell UGG products which will ensure you receive a genuine product.

Finally, you've heard this one before I'm sure, but if it sounds too good to be true then it almost certainly is. UGG Australia sets a certain price for its products and while there may be a slight variation when sales are happening, or when a store is clearing the end of a line, you would be hard presses to find the discounts of 50% offered by some sites. Remember, you are buying a high quality, highly sought after, very fashionable product. For that you will pay a premium, and you should expect the products to retail for around the official price offered on the UGG Australia website. If you find your UGG boots for half the cost, expect to be disappointed.

I hope this article has helped you steer clear of less reputable sellers, and towards those who will not only guarantee to provide you with a product, but also guarantee the product will be genuine.