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"if? ?then? ?else? Script Of My Life

IF (a condition when I put myself in doubt and alternate of ?May Be?)

It is the base of the entire article. If you find the meaning of ?if? clearly then you will automatically get the meaning of other two words as well. Same as for ?may be? there is a little difference in these two words. Just think about that i.e. you want to get success in life so then you say if I will do business then I will get profit even it?s a general concept but if you think other questions about things by attaching with ?if? word then you will get all the answers as I got. So basically our all life base on ?if? word. I know if I will do that I will get that even I know the results already. Even our relations also depend on ?if? mostly. Just need to think about which you want to get answers.

THEN (a result of ?if? or our desired result)

In general ?then? word is just to combine two sentences but it?s the most important thing and its all about results or actions. That?s what you know already when you think about results that?s y its come in center of ?if? and ?else? so we can think about this seriously. If we get ?then? means the results which we want to get then we doesn?t need any more of ?else??

ELSE (when you fail to get ?then? another option or final action)

Else is third and last option which we get mostly its all about results. It?s already defined by ourselves before we start work. This is last option which we pick. But in else we don?t get all things as per our needs. i.e. now a days to define else the best example to make money online don?t matter what the method is but we want to earn more than normal. That?s the reason why most of the people fail to earn money online because they don?t prepare themselves for what they want?

Conclusion (may be you are thinking this)

Now in last I tell you the conclusion, all about my article.

Let?s talk about religions. As every religion talks about if you will do this then you will get paradise Otherwise Hell. So in this sentence we got all the three words ?if?, ?then? and ?else?.

Let?s talk about families we get our life partners i.e. if he or she will love me or like me then I will marry otherwise no. you will get the same three words also in this sentence.

Let?s talk about business. If they will make a deal with me then I will do business with them otherwise no. same condition also in this sentence.

Even I thought before writing this article that I shouldn?t write this article because I know the results it?s a really common topic but we have no time to think about this. Then I think I should try because now a day what I think that people read anything which you write even its good or not doesn?t matter it should be different and unique?Thanks for yours time.