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Oil Painting Reproductions The Smart Choice

Are you an art fan? Or do you generally like good art hanging on your walls? Or you might be an interior designer searching for a few good pieces to hang on your client's new interiors? You might want a few good paintings for your home or your office but you aren't really that great a painter and you don't know anyone who paints too. So where can you get a really good painting at an affordable rate? If you've answered yes to any of these questions or if you desperately want good paintings, then Oil painting reproductions is something you should try.

Oil painting reproductions: Art simplified Not all of us can afford expensive pieces of original Oil paintings and artwork made by up and coming artists or even from the Old Masters. But you might appreciate the beautiful works of masters like Reuben's, Michelangelo and of Salvadore Dali. You want one for your own home just because these paintings are beautiful and they make you happy when you look at them. But Dali's hang in a few art galleries in beautiful cities all over the world. You cannot visit them all and looking at Oil paintings in a small book is just not enough. But oil painting reproductions are affordable, beautiful and permanent copies of these master artworks. All you have to do is get in touch with a good artwork reproductions agency and they will paint the reproduction for you at a nominal cost. You can choose size, framing, painting etc to suit your needs and your requirements. For example, this is how a routine ordering process would work.

Step 1- Select the type of painting that you want. Some customers will want Oil painting reproductions that are from the Old Masters. As these are usually popular selections, companies might have stock sets that are already painted and ready for sale. You will be able to get these quicker. However, if you want to order rare oil painting reproductions and copies, then the painting company will require a week to paint and process the painting for your. If changes are required, this may take more time. Some customers may also want portraits of families, children, pets, scenic vistas, etc. As a rule of thumb, oil reproductions can be made of any source including photographs but the larger the picture, more the time required to prepare and paint the image. If you are not in a hurry, let the painter paint at his leisure to produce better quality oil reproductions.

Step 2- Choose the company that will provide you with Oil painting reproductions There are several companies online that deal only with oil reproductions. Apart from these online specialty companies, you can also get in touch with local specialty art training institutes. These training institutes will always have students who are willing to paint copies and produce oil reproductions for customers at nominal fees. However, since these are produced by students, there is no real guarantee about cost and quality.

Step 3- Choose framing, custom size, and pay for it When you choose oil reproductions, you are always offered the choice of framing it according to the original. It's a far better idea to get the painting framed by the painter as he will stretch the canvas and refit it to the frame. This is much better than stretching the painted canvas on to an unsuitable frame. Oil reproductions companies will also have a large range of frames and sizes to choose from. When you purchase the frame and the painting, you will have to pay atleast 30% of the fee upfront. This fee may not include the frame, shipping and packing and local transport costs.

There are great deals to be had when buying Oil painting reproductions online. Companies are more than willing to give discounts to customers who buy in bulk but prices are generally far lower online. On an average single person portraits will range anywhere from $99 to about $2000 depending on size, frame and medium that is used to paint the reproduction.