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Small Business Success - 5 Reasons You May Want a Business Divor

Sometimes when people tell me about their business woes, it sounds a lot like a marriage of convenience rather than a match made in heaven.

Truth be told, your relationship with your business is a lot like any other relationship, it needs some work! So here are 5 reasons most people want a Business Divorce!

The Honey Moon is Over - the quirky things that used to excite you are not endearing anymore, they're just plain annoying! You wonder if you've done the right thing and dream longingly of the time before you got started in business, when things were so much simpler and your boss worried about the bottom line. Like any relationship, the one with your business takes considerable effort on your behalf and sometimes a bit of help from an experienced third party, like a business coach, to help you see things more clearly. This will make deciding 'should I stay or should I go' much easier!

The Grass is Greener Elsewhere - When the neighbour's pasture looks better than yours there is a temptation to wander or feel hard done by. Once there though, just like at home, the honeymoon is quickly over and you find yourself back to square one - again. If you're feeling really frustrated in your business then it would be a great idea to get another pair of eyes to look it over. A good business coach can help you build on what you already have and guide you in the direction of the small business success of your dreams, so you can live happily ever after!

The In Laws From Hell? Your best customers can be a little like the 'well meaning' in-laws - demanding, maybe even imposing - but vital to a happy life and profitable business. You can't live without them but boy do they take some getting used to! Finding ways to create great customer business relationships with your ideal clients is vital. Find out what their needs are, how they'd like you to communicate with them and then explore ways to deliver a great customer experience that will turn them into raving fans! A vital element in small business success!

Cash is King! - Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business and the way you manage it can make or break your business. So keeping an eye on costs, stock control, debtors, adhering to a budget and having a great accountant all play a part in creating a stable profitable business. As a business owner this means less sleepless nights, more income to you and more holidays!

Unrest in the Play Pen -Growth means change, and is an inevitable progression in building a successful business. However even though we pay our employees to do a certain job, doesn't mean they perform as we wish or that they get along with other team members or even with you. Understanding your business needs along with your own Entrepreneurial Mindset will help you discover exactly what you need from your team and will help to create greater team harmony and way better business outcomes (take the Entrepreneurial Mindset Questionnaire mentioned below for more tips)