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Which Perfume Is Appropriate for Your Teenager?

Our kids grow up all too fast. We see girls much too young wearing clothes and make-up that are completely age inappropriate. It doesn't stop at clothes and make-up, though. The wrong perfume can also be inappropriate and too sexual for a young girl. What is age is it suitable to allow your daughter to start wearing perfume? Which kind of perfume is proper in small quantities, and which ones are too attracting and sexual for a young lady?

Celebrities that kids admire are constantly coming out with new perfumes. Parents need to be aware that some perfumes may not be appropriate for their young daughters. Some perfumes are very strong and much too attracting. Certainly you don't want this kind of attention for your daughter. If you do allow her to wear perfume, you should make sure that it is clean, soft and modest. You don't want your daughter to smell like a 40 year old woman. Some perfumes, even when applied in very small amounts, still smell very strong and distracting. Musk based perfumes tend to have the strongest tones and generally last longer than other fragrances. Many Coco Chanel perfumes, while classics, may be inappropriate for a young girl. While I'm sure they all smell great, any Coco Chanel perfumes would make a better gift for your mother than for your daughter. They all have a very sensual fragrance. This is a good thing if you're trying to attract a man, but not for a young girl. Cosmopolitan Magazine describes Chanel as a "get lucky guarantee." Beyonce also has a new fragrance out that is definitely for older women, although it is marketed heavily to younger girls. It's called Heat and it is very musky and sexy.

If you are helping your daughter pick out a fragrance, think young. Calvin Klein has a few great fragrances that are nice for young people. He makes a collection of purely summer scents that are very fresh, clean and young. The signature fragrance of this collection, called CKOne Summer is very appropriate for a teenager girl and highly recommended. It is very citrusy and light, and can be worn both day and night. Eternity is another very popular scent that is very clean and pure. You don't have to worry about your teenager getting the wrong kind of attention with this perfume. My daughter owns both of these and wears them interchangeably. She likes to wear Summer as an every day perfume, and then uses Eternity for a special occasion.

A lot of girls seem to like Britney Spears' perfume Fantasy. While I don't think she's a great role model personally for young girls, I did take a whiff of her perfume and I have to admit it was very nice. I was surprised to find that it does pass the age-appropriateness test.

Abercrombie & Fitch makes a great young and stylish perfume called Abercrombie & Fitch 8. I like this one of theirs the best for young girls, although mostly any perfume you will find at Abercrombie & Fitch will be appropriate for a teenager.

Notice that all of the appropriate perfumes are light, fresh and usually fruity. You can even tell by the bottle that it is a light and young fragrance, and the perfume itself will be of a light color. Even if a girl sprays a little too much of it, it still won't be too overpowering and won't last as long as some other perfumes. The perfumes that are not suitable for young girls tend to be very heavy, musky and sensual. The bottles will be red, black or brown, and you will see that the perfume is a darker color.