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Will the Lebron X Cause Chaos?

The Nike Lebron X is soon to be released to the world. Just like when the Air Jordan's were released for the ridiculously high price of $65 (ridiculous in 1985 at least), the Nike Lebron X is set to go for a whopping $315. Of course this includes Nike+, technology that will track your vertical jump and speed and instantly send the data to your smartphone. There will be a Nike+-less version as well for $180, but who wants that!

Some are worried that the shoe will cause a crime wave, similar to the tragic killings that occurred throughout the UK and USA during the 1990`s. After last year`s many incidents in the USA over the release of the Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro it is easy to see why many people are worried about how stores will handle selling the shoes.

The added value to these shoes is that not only are they Lebron`s signature shoes, not only are they Nike, and not only do they include new technology that has not been implemented into a Basketball sneaker before, but they are also officially associated with GOLD. Since Lebron was wearing these shoes when he won the Gold Medal now they will forever be associated with Olympic Gold, thus probably doubling the value of it as a collectors item.

I for one would be too afraid of getting them dirty or having the Nike+ technology fail on me. I cannot imagine that Nike has an IT Support system set up to handle quick and efficient repairs. Perhaps Nike stores will soon have to have a section similair to an Apple Genius Bar in order to keep their customer base happy. After all if I spend $300 plus on a shoe with technology I would expect it to come with some kind of warranty!

For the true sneaker heads the $315 price tag is probably nothing. After all the Air Jordan 11 Retros are still being sold all over the internet for at least $500. And the originals are being sold for no less than $1000.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the Lebron X is available. Will people perhaps opt to get the version without Nike+ for half the price and probably half the headache? Or are there enough true Nike and Lebron die-hard fans and customers that will spend the $315 without blinking an eye?